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Most garage doors today are made from steel, wood, or even fiberglass. These doors are very modern looking and stylish. These types of garage doors are so wide spread that they are offered by many contractors at very low prices. A new type of door though is now being introduced. This door is made out of aluminum. This may sound crazy, but they actually offer just as many advantages, and possibly even more than other residential garage doors that are on the market today.

Most aluminum garage doors are single pieces and tilt up in order to open them. This type of garage door is very lightweight and it does not take much to maintain. Due to them being so lightweight, there is much less wear and tear on the springs used. Aluminum doors also take much less time to install. Due to this, you will instantly save money on installation because the contractor will not have to charge as much for labor. Aluminum doors have already been proven to be much sturdier than a wooden door. These doors are proven to be able to withstand all types of weather. They are also rust proof, unlike steel garage doors. Since rust is never a problem, you can be assured that it will last much longer than garage doors made from other materials.

Besides aluminum garage doors being a great alternative as a material, they are also very well insulated. Because of this insulation they are very energy efficient which will save you money on your energy bills. Aluminum doors are able to last a lifetime, but if you do decide to replace it you can always recycle it which is great for the environment. Most aluminum garage doors range in price from $500 to approximately $800. If you are looking for one with more insulation then you will have to pay a bit more. This type of door will usually cost anywhere from $1,000 to $1,500. This may sound a bit expensive, but this is actually fairly normal for a garage door. Besides all of the great things we have already listed, aluminum is actually very easy to paint. If you ever decide to paint your home, you can easily paint your garage door to match. Also, many manufacturers now are offering aluminum garage doors with different designs.

There are many great things about aluminum garage doors, but you should be warned about some of the setbacks. One problem is that they tend to dent easily. These dents are usually very hard to fix. Also, only a few manufacturers today are offering aluminum doors. Due to this it is quite difficult to find spare parts when they are needed for garage doors in Portland.